Can anyone tell me if a picklist field is encrypted and I use SOSL, is there a limitation that it still wont match it in a query?

Im on an ecrypted org and I am doing a query:

FIND {golf*} IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Call_Report__c(Name, Meeting_Type__c, Client__r.Name, Id order by Id limit 1000 )

There is a record that has Golf as its meeting type, but meeting_type__c is a picklist. If i use a different search term, such as Dublin where the meeting is located, then it finds it. Location is a text field though.

So is there a limitation on encrypted objects picklists in SOSL?

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SOSL can't search picklist fields at all. You can only generally search in text, auto-number, external ID-enabled, text area, long text area, phone, and email fields.


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