I have created 1 object application which is related to contact. i.e Lookup relationship b/w contact and application. Created Contact field as lookup on application object In vf page i want to show all contacts and count of application per contact besides contact name. I am trying out this code

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Class code:

public with sharing class theController 
    Set<ID> ContactIds = new Set<ID>();
    Set<ID> UserIds = new Set<ID>();

    public Contact contact{get;set;}

    public List<Contact> lstContact{get;set;}
    public List<User> lstUser{get;set;}

    public theController()
            lstUser = [Select Id,ContactId from user where IsActive=true and IsPortalEnabled = true];

            for(User user: lstUser)

            lstContact=[Select Name,AccountId from Contact where Id IN: contactIds];

            if(lstContact != null && lstContact.size()>0)
                this.contact = lstContact[0];

            Integer countapplication =[Select count() from Application__c where Contact__c IN : contactIds];
            system.debug('## countapplication' + countapplication);

No getting the count of application.

public  Map<string,integer> ansalpha {
get {
   AggregateResult[] groupedResults=[SELECT COUNT(),Contact__c FROM  Application__c where Contact__c IN : contactIds GROUPBY Contact__c];

  Map<string,integer> mapCntIdByapplicationCount=new Map<string,integer>();

     for(AggregateResult a:groupedResults){

   return mapCntIdByapplicationCount; 

You can use aggregate SOQL to accomplish this as shown above .Form a map and then you can get from the map for your visualforce

<apex:repeat value="{!lstContact}" var="c">
  <apex:outputField value="{!c.Name}"/>
  <apex:outputText value="Value="{!ansalpha[c.Id]}" />"/>


Assuming the child relationship is called Applications__c you should do this as part of your main query on the Contact object:

lstContact = [Select Name, AccountId, (select Id from Applications__r) from Contact where Id IN: contactIds];

And then in your page you can simply use the size of the returned list for each:

<apex:repeat value="{!lstContact}" var="c">
  <apex:outputField value="{!c.Name}"/>
  <apex:outputText value="{!Floor(c.Applications__r.Size)}"/>

The reason your code isn't working is that you're just getting the total count of applications for all of the contacts being displayed.

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