I am new to SF and SFMC.

I am trying to create a new import activity in Email Builder.

Everytime I try to create a new Data Extension using a Report through SF, I receive this error.

Import Definition Validation Error: User does not have access to Salesforce objects or reports.

Are there permissions on SF or SFMC that I need to enable in order to create this Data Extension with a Report.

I am conducting the Report on a Custom Object, Subscription, with two Master-detail lookup's to Contact and another custom object, Event.

  • Have you "integrated" the user in Admin -> My Users to associate the SFMC user with a CRM user? – Macca Apr 27 '17 at 22:40

Each Marketing Cloud User will need to be configured as an integrated user, which links their Sales Cloud account to the Marketing Cloud Account. Refer to procedural steps on this page to enable users in Marketing Cloud.

You should see an 'Integrate' link on the user profile in Marketing Cloud:

integrate user

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