I'm new to SF and SFMC.

I would like to filter my Marketing Cloud Subscribers by using a Salesforce custom object.

Subscription__c is the object I would like to query and has a master-detail relationship to Contact__c and another custom object Event__c.

I would like to filter my data to different lists based on the Subscription[:event]

What would be the best method to do this on an automated process in Marketing Cloud to import this data and use the Subscription[:contact] for my email lists?


If you have the Marketing Cloud Connect configured, I'd suggest using Synchronized Data Sources to ensure the object data is updated in SFMC and then use Query Activities in an Automation to build and refresh your segments.

Alternatively, you could use an Import Activity to pull SF Report data into a Salesforce Data Extension, but it sounds like you'd benefit from the flexibility of the Query Activities in the first option.

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