Do you have any ideas how to create cascading objects (e.g. create a new Soup A entry that contains an also new Soup B relationship entry) while in offline modus and using the SmartStorage of the mobile SDK?

I need to related both objects the Id field value of the newly created Soup Bentry, but without syncing it, the object does not have such a value.

Another idea was to use the soupParentId or soupEntryId but this also does not work and causes an expiation during a synchronize attempt.

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One method to achieve this would be to create internal unique Ids (in a new field on each object) and have that handle the pre-sync state, and then re-align base on IDs once they are available.

Note this is not a trivial thing in itself, and can even more complicated when records don't get inserted (or do and then are deleted for some reason). MobileCaddy is a framework for building mobile/desktop apps for Salesforce that bakes all this in (and more), so as a dev you don't need to concern yourself with the details and failure scenarios, could be of use to you?

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