I am creating a Unit test for my class that uses two different object for some reason I cant get access This is the unit test

prequalAPI.QualifyLocationResponse qualResponse = new prequalAPI.QualifyLocationResponse();
         qualResponse.QualifyLocationId = 'ABC123';
         qualResponse.ValidAddresses = new List<prequalAPI.QualifyLocationValidAddress>();

///// PrequalClass

 public class QualifyLocationResponse {

        public String QualifyLocationId { get; set; }
        public List<QualifyLocationValidAddress>  ValidAddresses  { get; set; }

 public class QualifyLocationValidAddress 
        public string ProviderName {get;set;}


this gives me the following error

Initial term of field expression must be a concrete SObject: List

List(); qualResponse.ValidAddresses.ProviderName.add('test');


You are trying to set ProviderName on a List<PrequalApi.QualifyLocationValidAddress>, and the List class does not have any such member. Probably what you meant to do was add an instance of that wrapper class with that property set:

PrequalApi.QualifyLocationValidAddress validAddress =
    new PrequalApi. QualifyLocationValidAddress();
validAddress.providerName = 'Populated';

PrequalApi.QualifyLocationResponse response = new PrequalApi.QualifyLocationResponse();
response.qualifyLocationId = '...';
response.validAddresses = new List<PrequalApi.QualifyLocationValidAddress>

Or you could rewrite that last line as two if you prefer:

response.validAddresses = new List<PrequalApi.QualifyLocationValidAddress>();

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