I have created one report on opportunity with account report type .Report folder has shared with Manager access to one user . User have access to on report in Opportunity with Account report type. But user not able to view any record in report.

Filter given for the report is:
Stage = New
Record Type = XYZ

I have also created one list view and the same user having access to it. I have also given the same filter for the List view: Stage = New
Record Type = XYZ

User can view records in the list view but not in the report. Why would this user not be able to view any record in the report?

User belongs to the role R1, Account and contact OWD is private. Both the object are sharing to Role and Internal Subordinates of R1

Custom Report Type : Opportunity with Account

Report Filter Screenshot

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    For the Show option on the report, did you select "My Records" instead of "All Records"? – Adrian Larson Apr 26 '17 at 11:21
  • can u give us the screenshot of the report filter condition. – Avijit Das Apr 26 '17 at 11:23

Screenshot of full report run page could be helpful to rule out a couple of things.

It looks like your report must be built on a custom report type, given that there is no standard opportunity with account report type, and you included the custom report type tag on the post.

If so, I believe it's possible that the users could have access to the opps but not to the underlying accounts, as the sharing could be configured separately.

This could impact the report, as it is on opps and accounts, while the list view is only on opps. There is no way to do opps w accounts in list view like you can on report.

So If you are using a custom report type, please include a screenshot of how that is setup, and indicate whether org wide defaults for opps and accounts are both private.


I've run into a similar issue before and the culprit was the hierarchy used in the report. I noticed you have the hierarchy of the report set to Sales Representative, but mentioned a few other roles above.

Perhaps changing the role of the report will resolve?


I see that there is filter on close date, remove that and report should display result. Opportunity should not be closed when stage is new.

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