I have array with list of class.

public class filterField {
    public String label {get;set;}
    public String searchFieldName {get;set;}
    public String searchValue {get;set;}

    public filterField(String a,String b,String  c) {
        this.searchFieldName =b;
        this.searchValue  =c;


public filterField [] filterArray {get;set;}
filterArray = new filterField[]{};

FilterArray is list of class. I try to get the value of class string values. I tried below.


for(integer i=0;i<filterArray.size();i++) {
    system.debug('value insude for:::::'+filterArray.get(i).searchValue);

    string s=filterArray.get(i).searchValue;

    if(filterArray.get(i).searchValue!=null || filterArray.get(i).searchValue!='') {

        system.debug('value ins:::::'+filterArray.get(i).searchValue);
        String strField=filterArray.get(i).searchFieldName +':'+'"'+filterArray.get(i).searchValue+'"';

My array values are :

filterField:[label=AccountName, searchFieldName=FULL_NAME, searchValue=], 
filterField:[label=City, searchFieldName=PRIM_CITY, searchValue=test], 
filterField:[label=Country, searchFieldName=PRIM_COUNTRY_NM, searchValue=], 
filterField:[label=Street Address, searchFieldName=PRIM_ADDR_LN_1, searchValue=], 
filterField:[label=State/Province, searchFieldName=PRIM_STATE, searchValue=test], 
filterField:[label=Zip/PostalCode, searchFieldName=PRIM_POSTAL_CD, searchValue=]
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    String.isBlank(someString); – d_k Apr 26 '17 at 8:33

Use String.isBlank(yourString) to check if it's null or '' or ' '. This method detects whether string has null or blank space or just quotes.


String str = 'searchValue';
System.assertEquals(false,String.isBlank(str));   // returns false since string is not blank
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String.isEmpty(yourString); isEmpty method will also help in checking.

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    Important to not the different is that this method does NOT detect a sting containing only whitespace when compared to isBlank – Eric Apr 26 '17 at 14:20
  • Agreed with eric – Sharp Dixit Apr 26 '17 at 14:32

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