Are there any documents to help with the scenario below?

Salesforce Org where there can be more than one Contact with the same email address (different Accounts)

Our org [will have] five (or more) Divisions. All divisions are sequestered from each other - Division ABC cannot see division TUV's records (and vice-versa).

I need to know the impact on Email-to-Case, when john@dough.com emails the Case system, will the case system have any way to know which john@dough.com Contact is the right now?

The different Contacts with the same email WILL have a custom field to separate them (call it "Division"). The Email-to-Case addresses WILL be "Division" specific.

  • Support@ABC.com would connect to a Contact with Division=ABC if it exists
  • Support@TUV.com would connect to a Contact with Division=TUV if it exists

I'm not seeing a logical way to do it via the Routing, and think possibly using the Queue assignment may be the answer.

I feel I'm close to the solution - when a Case is created... or, when a Case becomes a member of Queue "ABC", do something... seems like it would be a manual linking of the Case to the correct Contact in the correct Division. Likely either a complicated Flow, or worse, Apex.

  • is that be assumed that contacts from division ABC will only emails to Support@ABC.com and same logic for TUV? anyway, for contacts with duplicate emailids, you need to write own logic to match the correct contact – Santanu Boral Apr 24 '17 at 20:55

Email to Case will not inherently produce duplicate Contacts. If there are already 2 Contacts with the same email address and that person sends in an email that creates a Case, the Case will be created on the first email match that Email to Case finds. For this reason, it is important to clean up your duplicate records. You might try the new Duplicate management tools that Salesforce just released as well as utilizing the merge contact features. For the merge contact, you need to Note: If Contact is due and is located on 2 different Accounts:e.g. Pawel Mystkowski on Orange France & Telecommunicate Vodafone - move the Contact to the correct Account, then Merge it.

How to merge Contact

  1. Open an Account where Dup Contacts are located
  2. Scroll down to 'Contacts' and click on 'Merge Contacts'.
  3. Find the name of the Dupe Contact (refer to the spreadsheet provided).
  4. Click on 'Find Contacts' and click 'Next.
  5. If there's discrepancy in the info - choose the most recent.
  6. Scroll down and click on 'Merge'

    That's it!!!

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