I have below trigger block. I am getting null values for dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c.

if(Trigger.isbefore && (Trigger.isInsert|| Trigger.isUpdate)){
        System.debug(':::::inside Isbefore::::');
            for(Deal_Support_Request_del__c dsrl : Trigger.new){
                System.debug(':::::inside for loop::::'+Trigger.new);
                System.debug(':::::inside for loop::::');
                System.debug(':::::value of recurrence::::'+recurrence);
                System.debug(':::::value of recordtype::::'+dsrl.recordTypeID);
                System.debug(':::::value of opp id ::::'+dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__c);
                System.debug(':::::value of business group::::'+dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c);
                if(!recurrence && (dsrl.RecordtypeId == dsrSORequestRecordTypeId) && dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c=='Ultrasound'){
                System.debug(':::::value of GTM::::'+dsrl.GTM_Region__c);

The value of "dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__c" is coming correctly as id but for dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c it is giving null values.When i queried in soql using below query i am able to get values.

SELECT Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c FROM Deal_Support__c where id='a0S7A000000dT9r'
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    Your SOQL is working off 'Deal_Support__c' while your trigger.new() is over 'Deal_Support_Request_del__c'. Are you mixing up objects? – TSmith Apr 20 '17 at 11:55

Data in related objects (like your case, dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c) is not available in trigger context variables.

Assuming that this code is called via a trigger on Deal_Support_Request_del__c, dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__c is available because that is a field on your Deal_Support_Request_del__c object.

dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c, on the other hand, is related data. It's the Business_Group__c field on what I assume is the Opportunity object.

To get dsrl.Related_Opportunity_del__r.Business_Group__c (a field on a record related to a record on the object your trigger is on), you'll need to perform a query.

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