I have a formula that sync multi-select picklist field from accounts to contacts object but having issue on character limit.


IF( INCLUDES(Account.Category2__c ,"Accessories (Bags, hats, scarves etc)"),
    "Accessories (Bags, hats, scarves etc)","") 
IF( INCLUDES(Account.Category2__c ,"Accountants & Bookkeepers"),
    "Accountants & Bookkeepers","") 
IF( INCLUDES(Account.Category2__c ,"Activities"), "Activities","")  

We have a long list of this category2. If i include all the listed category on the formula. It only allows upto the character limit. Is there other way on how to sync multi-select picklist field from accounts to contacts object?

Accessories (Bags, hats, scarves etc) Accountants & Bookkeepers Activities Activities & enrichment Adult Enrichment Adventure Holidays Aesthetics Afternoon Tea Airconditioning etc.....................................................

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There are two ways you can try this : -

  1. Create workfolw rule and update the field based on the criteria which you have mentioned in the Formula and in field update , update the desired value.

  2. if there you face the same issue then you need do the same update using trigger.

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