I'm developing an application where my code will make a Http POST request to a web service lying in my org.

As of now, this is what I'm doing:

HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
HttpResponse res = new HttpResponse();
Http http = new Http();

req.setEndpoint(Constants.SF_BASE_URL + '/services/apexrest/peer/v2/loanAccounts/setupACH/' + (String)contract.get('Id')); // http://ap4.salesforce.com/......
req.setHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + UserInfo.getSessionId());

Map<String, String> urlParams = new Map<String, String>();
urlParams.put(..., ...); // about 10 of these of these

System.PageReference pageReference = new System.PageReference('');
String query = pageReference.getUrl().substringAfter('?'); // to get the url encoded query


res = http.send(req);

I figured out how to do this after many painful hours of searching the web. Everyone tells you how to create a web service, but no one will tell you how to call it, especially from salesforce.

Anyway, when I try and run this code, I get an error saying

Unauthorized endpoint, please check Setup->Security->Remote site settings. endpoint = https://ap4.salesforce.com/services/apexrest/peer/v2/loanAccounts/setupACH/a6E6F00000001nrUAA

I can't create a Remote Site Settings entry because the URL is likely to change as my code could run on different instances.

Is there any alternative way I can make this happen?

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The address you need to whitelist in your Remote Site Settings is just the instance:


Once you whitelist that, internal API calls should work just fine.

  • That's good news! Can I do this via code? Preferably some code to check for an entry before actually making the callout. I don't want someone to manually do it every time the instance changes.
    – coldspeed
    Commented Apr 18, 2017 at 19:51
  • Do your instances change often? You'd have to resort to Javascript if you want to go the code route, as any Apex callouts depend on the instance itself already being whitelisted.
    – Adrian Larson
    Commented Apr 18, 2017 at 19:52
  • No but my code is going to possibly reside on different instances. Plus when testing we test in different orgs, so the instance and/or the base URL could be different.
    – coldspeed
    Commented Apr 18, 2017 at 19:53
  • See also: salesforce.stackexchange.com/a/169382/2995
    – Adrian Larson
    Commented Apr 18, 2017 at 19:53
  • Alright, one last thing. Is there an alternative way to make the WS call without whitelisting or tooling?
    – coldspeed
    Commented Apr 18, 2017 at 19:55

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