in below query it'll throw an exception unknown token )
what the issue for this OwnerId= :UserInfo.getUserID()

  SELECT  Status, Origin from Case WHERE OwnerId= :UserInfo.getUserID() And Status != '\open\'';
  • In case if that is dynamic soql -- apex statements are not executed. Please, execute UserInfo.getUserId() before, assign to variable and insert it in body of SOQL query – kurunve Apr 18 '17 at 16:20

Better to use bind variable in SOQL.

String str = 'open';

List<Case> caseList = [SELECT  Status, Origin from Case 
WHERE OwnerId=:UserInfo.getUserID() 
And Status !=:str];

For dynamic query use like this:

String str = 'open';
String userId = UserInfo.getUserID();
String queryStr = 'SELECT  Status, Origin from Case WHERE OwnerId=:userId And Status !=:str';
List<Case> caseList = Database.query(queryStr);

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