below code is fetching all the picklist values of status field (case object). i want only active picklist values how it is possible.

   caseStatuslist = new List<SelectOption>();
    Schema.DescribeFieldResult fieldResult =  Case.Status.getDescribe();
    List<Schema.PicklistEntry> ple = fieldResult.getPicklistValues();

   for( Schema.PicklistEntry f : ple) {
      caseStatuslist.add(new SelectOption(f.getLabel(), f.getValue()));

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You can use the isActive() function on the PicklistEntry class.

For example, in your for loop you can check each iteration to see if it's active:

for(Schema.PicklistEntry f : ple) {
  if (f.isActive()) {
    caseStatuslist.add(new SelectOption(f.getLabel(), f.getValue()));

As mentioned in the docs, this function returns a Boolean that:

Returns true if this item must be displayed in the drop-down list for the picklist field in the user interface, false otherwise.

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