I am trying to set text on button depending on condition. If condition is true, Hello text should be displayed within button, otherwise - Goodbye. This is what I tried. Here is my component:

<button onClick="changeItemStatus('{!$Component.bVAL}', '{!item.Id}'); return false;" style="{!IF(orders[item.Id] > 0, '???', '???')}">Hello</button>

And this is what I want to use instead first ??? (if the condition is true):

button:after {

Or maybe here is another way to solve this. Thank you


I wouldn't use CSS to do this, I'd just change the value in the content of the button:

<button onClick="changeItemStatus('{!$Component.bVAL}', '{!item.Id}'); return false;" >{!IF(orders[item.Id] > 0, 'Hello', 'Goodbye')}</button>
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