I do not find any references to this in multiple searches, but feel like it must exist - hopefully within the SF GUI.

How do you mass change/edit Field Accessibility settings on an Object? In this particular example, related to Account, the Record Type accessibility per Profile.

There are obvious implications that if you select several Profiles vs Record Types (in the example below) and they START with DIFFERENT settings, it would need special handling (or possibly show that "this is different across Types" or "across Profiles" so that if you don't touch it, it would leave it as-is). It's not as easy as doing a mass-change of Page Layouts, for instance.

enter image description here


You can edit field level security for all fields, but only 1 profile at a time.

I still use the old profile interface, which would use this path setup - profiles - field level security - account - edit

fls select object

fls edit mode

You can do the same for record type access - set access for all record types, 1 profile at a time: setup - profiles - record type setings - accounts (edit)

recordtype select object

In the new profile UI, its similar to doing this on permission sets, where you would click on a profile, then select the account object, where you can set record type access and field level security from the same page.

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