we have four serves, server C and S are EC2, and server B and F are out of AWS, all of them are at the same domain. At the moment, S will get files from shard folder on C and compress to zip, then B will get zip file by ftp from S and unzip file to shard folder on F.

Now We want to move S to ServiceMAX, and move F to other domain.

Here are my questions: 1. Is it possible to get files on shard folder of C from ServiceMAX directly? 2. Is it possible to put files to B or F from ServiceMAX directly?

If above are NG, we want use Boomi between ServiceMAX and C/B/F 3. Is it possible to get files on shared folder on C from Boomi and save them to ServiceMAX attachments 4. Is it possible to put file to B or C directly, or by SFTP?

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    Hi mikezang, and welcome to SFSE! I have a feeling you meant to post your question to Stack Overflow, as we only deal with salesforce.com and its related products. If I happen to be incorrect, please feel free to edit your question with more information so we can assist you! – sfdcfox Apr 14 '17 at 1:24

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