We have a flat organizational Role Hierarchy. One Manager (Profile 1) and two Staff (Profile 2) for both South and West. Both of these managers report up to the Regional Manager.

We have built loads of custom objects in our org but I have been told that one of Profile 2 staff in the hierarchy can run reports showing sensitive information from the regional manager?

Would this be a Profile update to ensure they cannot see that field or do I need to adjust the Sharing setting for the custom object

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Profiles affect what people can do, while sharing settings affect what people can see and edit. For example, if you wanted to make it so users could not edit any records, you would give them the Read Only profile, but if you wanted them to edit some records, you'd configure your sharing settings so that users can only edit accounts they own or that are shared with them. In your case, the most appropriate action would be to configure your sharing settings.

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