I have scnerio where I am loading the child record from an external system and I want to connect it with the parent record. But I do not have the sfdc id of the parent record that I can put in the lookup field.

On doing some research I found that we can use external id of the parent to connect both child and parent record but I am not clear how this relation can be established with the external id?

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The External Id needs to be on the record in Salesforce.

Say you have:

Account -> (Name = 'Example Account', External_Id__c = 'ABCD');

To link the Child Lookup using the External Id you would do:

Contact c = New Contact(LastName = 'Test', Account = New Account(External_Id__c = 'ABCD'));
upsert c;

Note For custom object you need to use the relationship so if the Lookup is The_Parent__c you would use The_Parent__r = New The_Parent__c(External_Id__c = 'ABCD')

Note The external Id operation requires you to use upsert.

If you simply want to update the Account itself:

Account a = New Account(External_Id__c = 'ABCD', Name = 'UpdatedName');
database.upsert(a, Account.External_Id__c);


upsert a External_Id__c

To upsert the record itself you would specify the external Id field and populate it


You can use the Data Import Wizard to match by External Id. Import the parents first, if necessary, then import the children.


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