Is there a way using ONLY Process Builder to do this?

  • Insert a record #9991 into ObjectX
  • Read field "alpha__c" from record #9991 after the insert is complete

Field "alpha__c" will contain some results produced by Apex after record #9991 is saved. I need to read it right after the save is done, to know what happened. I have no control over ObjectX or field "alpha__c" - I can insert, and I can query. [Managed Package]

I know I can do this in a Flow.

I am trying to keep things at a low enough level for easy maintenance by non-technical people. Flows are not as straightforward to teach to "Assistant Admins".

I've asked several Questions along these same basic lines - making something happen AFTER a "save", "commit", etc is completed on record #9991, because I need to see/touch that newly-inserted record AFTER Apex, Workflows, etc have done their thing. It's a recurring theme for me.

A longer version of the example above:

  • Record #9991 insert is performed...
  • ... Apex does things
  • ... Workflows do things
  • Record #9991 is saved (committed) with OTHER fields populated by Apex/Workflows


  • READ one of those fields after record #9991 is saved
  • ... do something based on what is in those fields
  • As a side note: I'm hoping I will eventually have an a-ha moment and be able to answer several Questions (my own and others) once I find what I'm trying to do, without resorting to Apex(!!!!) or Flows(!) if possible. – AMM Apr 12 '17 at 14:20

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