I want to know if I can customize chatter post/text that are automatically generated by the system, for example:

00001006 — Mike Caseem created a case.
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You can't customize what is generated by the system, but you can have it create your own custom post with a trigger.

From the documentation:

ConnectApi.FeedElement feedElement = ConnectApi.ChatterFeeds.postFeedElement(Network.getNetworkId(), '0F9d0000000TreH', ConnectApi.FeedElementType.FeedItem, 'On vacation this week.');

You can also look into an AppExchange app that would allow you to do this.

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    @aelias is talking about posts, not emails... Apr 11, 2017 at 14:38

To add onto what brezotom said, no, you can't customize the system generate posts.

What you can do is use a trigger and some code to add another post/record to the FeedItem with the ParentId being that case. You can query Case posts via the CaseFeed by the Type if you want as well to find what's system generated vs user generated.

See here: Chatter Analysis to see the work I've gone through to map out how the FeedItem, CaseFeed, and FeedComment intertwine.

Best of luck!

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