I am building a form for users to populate information about competitors. I went with flow so I can page through the different fields that they need to populate. I want to setup a simple search for company names where they type in the name in a text field -> I lookup records that match the sting -> then populate a drop down that they can select the account that matches.

My problem is that although the fast lookup is coming back with results I can't them to populate in the dropdown. I added a text output field so that I can see the results of the search and it comes back with record ids that match. I can't figure out how to set the results as the dropdown variable. What am I doing wrong?

Screen 1 users put in a name

Screen 1

Fast lookup looks for records where the company name contains the input text.

Fast Lookup

The dynamic choice is where the results of the lookup should populate as the name.

Dynamic choice

Screen 2

In the results it's coming back with the id so it makes me think the fast lookup works but alas, no choices.


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Based on a youtube video from here, and some insight from select account (lookup) through picklist on Flow Designer I was adding an extra step that was not needed. You don't need a fast lookup to get results to display on the screen you just need the two screen, one to input the value and one to display the choices in the dropdown.

I removed the lookup and just went with the screens and it works.

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