In order to establish separate developer orgs for package development, I'm removing namespace references from the code held by a package org. However after a Visualforce page is saved to the package org, some of the $Setup and $Label references get added a namespace prefix by Salesforce automatically. This appears like an incomplete fix for the problem already described here. E.g. I save a page with the line


and (looking at it via a web browser) Salesforce has now:


The behavior is apparently independent of the version of the page. The same happens to $Label references. And it is difficult to predict. E.g. saving

<a href="#" class="">{!$Label.Some_label}</a>

, no namespace is added. But saving

<a href="#">{!$Label.Some_label}</a>

, Salesforce adds the namespace of the package org, the line becomes:

<a href="#">{!$Label.namespace_Some_label}</a>

$Label works with and without namespace prefix. If $Setup doesn't get the namespace, it is "false" resp. empty throughout. The code displayed in the browser apparently indicates, if $Setup renders values correctly (i.e. it has a namespace prefix or not). The code downloaded via the Metadata API (e.g. downloaded via Eclipse) is just what was saved by the user.

I can sometimes use

<apex:outputText value="{!$Setup.customsetting__c.customsettingfield__c}"/>

and the namespace prefix is added consistently. But Salesforce tags can't be written into HTML attributes.

How are $Setup vars dealt with between packaging and its development orgs?

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