I have an object called Opener__c. And I have a second object called Underwriting__c. In Underwriting__c object I have a lookup field Account__c which is a relationship to the Opener__c object. When I'm creating new Underwriting__c record, I want to copy data from the Opener__c object.

So the question is: When I open the page for creating new Underwriting__c record I want to see fields populated with data from the Opener__c record.

I tried using triggers (before insert, before update) and when I click New button to create new Underwriting__c record I see page with fields to input data. And when I click save and my page refreshes I see that all fields are populated with data. But I want to populate data in fields on the page before I click save button.

  • You're going to need to associate the fields and then run an Action or a JS script after linking up the Account and the Underwriting record to the Opener record you want to pre-populate if you don't want to do this in a Trigger. – crmprogdev Apr 7 '17 at 17:27

If you want to populate the fields on the create/edit page of the underwriting object I believe this would require a custom VF page. The <apex:page> action method could fire a controller method to collect data you want to copy over from the related Account object and place it as values in the corresponding input fields for the new object.

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