I am trying to create a test data for coverage. The field is a formula field and it has a master-detail relationship with another object, then I create a recode in the object. but how can I reference the field in the detail object? I am getting an error:

Field is not writeable

How Can I do that? The PLS_Code__c is a formula field and formulae are: Positioner_Limit_Switch__r.Code__c

    VWC_Positioner_LimitSwitch__c  PLSObj = new VWC_Positioner_LimitSwitch__c();

    PLSObj.Code__c = '2HPB';

    PLSObj.Description__c   = 'This is test data.';

    insert PLSObj;        

    VWC_PLS_Combination__c pls_Combination = new VWC_PLS_Combination__c();        

    pls_Combination.Price__c = 123;        

    pls_Combination.Positioner_Limit_Switch__r.Code__c = PLSObj.id;        
    insert pls_Combination;       
    instance.selectedPositioner = '2HPB';`
  • once you insert pls_Combination, you must be able to access the formula value.
    – Ashwani
    Apr 6, 2017 at 8:25

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Your formula field is referencing the Code__c field of the VWC_Positioner_LimitSwitch__c object linked to your VWC_PLS_Combination__c object using its Positioner_Limit_Switch__c field.

By definition, a formula field is calculated. Once your VWC_Positioner_LimitSwitch__c object will be linked to your VWC_PLS_Combination__c object, the field will be calculated.

So you only have to replace your line:

pls_Combination.Positioner_Limit_Switch__r.Code__c = PLSObj.id;


pls_Combination.Positioner_Limit_Switch__c = PLSObj.id;
  • You saved my Life, I was stuck there for many hours!
    – sami ullah
    Apr 6, 2017 at 13:17
  • Glad I could help @samiullah ! Apr 6, 2017 at 13:18

Please check this new test data factory library Apex Test Kit: https://github.com/ApexTestKit/ApexTestKit

Your scenario can be transformed like this, and relationship is automatically assigned for you:

    .fields(new Map<String, Object> {
        'Code__c' => '2HPB'
        'Description__c' => '{!lorem.sentence}' // generate dummy text, can be omitted
        .fields(new Map<String, Object> {
            'Price__c' => 123

With ApexTestKit 1.0, it focuses on data generation only. If it is getting popular and wanted by the community, 2.0 will provide BDD functions.

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