So we have this community setup that was previously using Napili template.

We switched template to VF + Tab, but the /s (i.e. /mycommunity/s) for lightning is still accessible?

How can I get rid of this /s ? Or behave it like it never had a lightning template?

Here are the sample to illustrate this situation:

  1. site1 = Using VF+Tabs, and never had any site/lightning template.
  2. site2 = Was using Napili template. Now it is using VF+Tabs template.

You see, when you access site 1 with /s, it returns with expected result.

But when you access site 2 with /s, the old lightning site which I intend to replace with VF+Tab is being still presented/served, which could create confusion to my users.


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By default Salesforce is going to reserve both the /mycommunity and /mycommunity/s urls. This is also visible by going to Setup --> Custom URLs. Here you can see that the /mycommunity has a site type of Force.com while the /mycommunity/s has a site type of Site.com.

Both are reserved because you might want to switch between the two different site types but still keep the underlying "mycommunity" name. If you're still utilizing the VF + Tabs in the site builder then I believe this will still utilize the /s. If you go with only VF pages and don't utilize the Site Builder Studio then you can utilize just the /mycommunity url.

  • I know all communities would have /s provisioned in them. But for communities that never had any of the template i.e. Napili, Identity, etc., when you access /s, you will get an invalid url error or something to that effect. but when a template is previously applied and you switch to just VF + Tab, and you try to access ../s, the previously activated template is still there.
    – pnoytechie
    Apr 5, 2017 at 2:49

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