Case1: I have a user who has the role of "US Exec" and has no pubic groups.

Case2: For the same user when I change the role to "SA Exec" suddenly I see 10 public groups appearing.

I know when a role is added to a public group, the user when assigned with the role automatically gets the public group. However, in this case, when I go the public groups, I find no mention of the role.

Q: Is there a way we can check in SFDC how a user is getting access to a public group.

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You can go to User details and in the Public Group Membership related list you will see the list of Public groups where user is member.

Here most important part is Reason for Membership column where values can be Group Member or Manager of Group Member.

User_public group

Group Member means User is directly assigned to that public group.

Manager of Group Member means that uses is assigned to a Role lets say Role A which is above in role hierarchy of Role B. This Role B is assigned the in public group 'Testing Team'. So, because of the Role hierarchy user will be assigned to this Testing Team as a part of Manager of Group Member


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