Is it possible to remove all label translations for a specific language in the Translation Workbench, just reset everything? Removing them manually one by one is not an option. I tried playing with import/export, but .stf import won't accept blank values. Only workaround is to upload translations that are identical to original values, but this only works as long the original value is not changed.

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I just found an answer to this in the docs (Translation Files):

Delete a translation by replacing the desired value in the TRANSLATION column in either section with a left and right angle bracket pair (< >). When the Bilingual file is imported, the label reverts to its original value

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  • ------------------TRANSLATED------------------- # KEY LABEL TRANSLATION OUT OF DATE PicklistValue.Countries__e.Australia Australia <TE_Australien> - PicklistValue.Countries__e.Austria Austria <TE_Österreich> - PicklistValue.Countries__e.Belgium Belgium <TE_Belgien> - This imported translation as "<TE_Australien>" instead of reverting to its original value. Any suggestions?
    – Sriram
    Commented May 31, 2019 at 2:42

Replace translated values with "<>" and then import file , check below,

KEY LABEL TRANSLATION DEPRECATED ButtonOrLink.OpportunityLineItem.FCM_ManageProducts Manage Produkt <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_Account.FieldLabel Kunden-Lieferanten <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_AccountName.FieldLabel Name <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_City.FieldLabel Stadt <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_Country.FieldLabel Land <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_IsBillTo.FieldLabel Gesetzesentwurf für <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_StateProvince.FieldLabel Region / Provinz <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_Street.FieldLabel Strasse <> - CustomField.FCM_Address__c.FCM_ZipPostalCode.FieldLabel Postleitzahl <> -

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