Recently made some changes to some of objects turning some from formulas to number fields and vice versa.

I added DestructivechangesPre.xml to delete those fields (and in a more extreme manner, after the field deletions didn't work, the objects themselves).

That cleared out the errors around fields but I have a new error

build.xml:56: Failed to process the request successfully. Cause(UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION): INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY: invalid cross reference id

That ends on ApexClass. I made all my apex classes and triggers empty shells (only the public class) and still it shows that error.

Any thoughts on whats going on here?

[sf:deploy] Request Status: InProgress
[sf:deploy] Request Status: InProgress
[sf:deploy] Request Status: InProgress
[sf:deploy] Request Status: InProgress (1352/1449)  -- Processing Type: ApexClass
[sf:deploy] Request Status: Failed (1444/1449)  -- Processing Type: ApexClass
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    Seems like you're referencing invalid field in your apex class. – Rohit Mourya Mar 30 '17 at 13:37

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