Im using PE.enter image description here

For the calculating of Total commission user must enter the value in either one this two fields(ie., in Consultant Commission % on Opportunity(Percent datatype )or Fixed Value(currency datatype)).If i enter value in Consultant Commission field then (Total commission(Formula field currency) = Consultant Commission % on Opportunity * Final purchase price).If i enter the value in "Fixed value" field the (Total commission =Fixed value) .Im using PE

Note:TC_c=Consultant Commission % on Opportunity * Final purchase price

I tried this formula IF( NOT ISBLANK( Fixed_value__c ), Fixed_value__c , TC__c )

but I getting this error Formula(s) that reference this field are no longer valid: Compiled formula is too big to execute (7,807 characters). Maximum size is 5,000 characters (Related field: Formula

  • What is the exact formula you're using for TC__c? The formula above isn't large which suggests that TC__c is, or it's including another formula field which is built from a large expression. Add all of the relevant formulae to the question and hopefully we'll be able to condense them a little! – Matt Lacey Sep 13 '13 at 9:09
  • thanks for replay TC_c is a formula field(currency) TC__c=Consultant Commission % on Opportunity * Final purchase price(for e.g TC__c=(1.8%)*(1100000)=19800) TC__c=19800. – user3818 Sep 13 '13 at 9:19

Try this:

IF(Fixed_value__c!=0 , Fixed_value__c , TC__c)

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