I am trying to configure Single Sign On between Salesforce Sandbox and Marketing Cloud Organization following this document.

I receive error message

Provided federation ID could not be found, or the account or user is not properly configured for SSO.

I have checkbox Allow Single Sign-On checked on Marketing Cloud User Id and Federation ID is set on my Marketing Cloud User Id to the same value as Federation Id on Salesforce Sandbox User.

Key Management feature of ExactTarget is activated.

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I receive the same error, under the following situation. I have single sign on enabled. I attempt to open Marketing Cloud from within Salesforce.

Marketing Cloud asks for me to activate the browser. Once I click send, the error occurs.

To resolve this, there is an option in Admin | Security Settings. In the Single Sign-On Settings section, set a value of Yes for "Do not require Identity Validation for SSO Logins"

Now when logging in, the Activation and error does not occur and I can log in successfully.

  • I don't remember how did we solve that problem... it was more than a half a year before... I guess I will mark your answer as accepted, actually I no longer have access to marketing cloud instance anymore to test if this is working now...
    – Patlatus
    Dec 14, 2017 at 15:33

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