I am using Social Studio to analyse the social data of FB and Twitter.

How can I integrate it with Salesforce so I can create a case in Salesforce for the posts and tweets?

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    You're gonna have to be more specific if you'd like this community to pitch in and help you. Where are you stuck? Mar 25, 2017 at 16:51

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You need to enable Social Customer Service in Salesforce and connect the Radian 6 instance.

In Salesforce you enable Social Customer service from the setup menu, then tick to enable Social Customer service. After that link the social accounts by entering the details.

Then you need to setup the Social Action Interface adding the quick actions to the case feed layout.

If required you can customise the Apex class used for social post handling to give different behaviour than the default creation of a Social Persona and a Person Account.

Look at the full Implementation Guide for complete details.

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