How to add more than 2 contacts for a household in npsp data import ? npsp managed package ? Contact1, Contact2 and an additional contact

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This is explicitly covered in the documentation (the parent page for this PDF is here):

As part of the import process, Salesforce automatically creates a Household Account for each Contact1 in the template. Later, when you go to add data to the template, you can adjust the template to accommodate more Household members if you have more than two people in the same Household. For each new Contact in the Household, simply add a new row containing Contact1 and include the new Contact in the Contact2 column. Salesforce will add that new Contact (in the Contact2 column) to Contact1’s Household Account. You can repeat this process for any additional Contacts in the Household.

Download the template, populate the data as described above, and the NPSP import process will take care of the rest for you.

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