I know that we can disable parallel Apex Test execution on Sandbox env

You can prevent receiving those errors by turning off parallel test execution in the Salesforce user interface:

  • From Setup, enter Apex Test.

  • Click Options.... In the Apex Test Execution Options dialog,

  • select Disable Parallel Apex Testing and then click OK.

But how does this work in a Production environment?

  • Is parallel execution enabled by default

  • Can we disable it?

While searching on SF stack I found this Question (marked as duplicate) but the duplicate one is removed

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You are referring Testing Best Practices article.

Answers to your question- 'But how does this work in a Production environment?-:

  1. Is parallel execution enabled by default

    • I think by default it is disabled.
  2. Can we disable it?

    • Apex Parallel Test Execution can be disabled in Production as same way from setup menu as we do in any Sandbox.

Yes you are absolutely correct. we can do the same changes in production in same way while deploying the changes.

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