What is the difference between JSFORCE and SFORCE?

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Here they are:

  1. JSforce:

    • This is a open source plugin to allow developers to connect to Salesforce from JavaScript. Here is the list of supported methods.

    • From documentation:

      JSforce (f.k.a. Node-Salesforce) is a isomorphic JavaScript library utilizing Salesforce's API: It works both in the browser and with Node.js.

      It encapsulates the access to various APIs provided by Salesforce in asynchronous JavaScript function calls.

      Unlike other Salesforce API libraries, it is intended to give an integrated interface to both server-side and client-side apps, so you don't have to rewrite similar logics with different libraries only for running in a different environment.

      Additionally, it has a useful command line interface (CLI) which gives an interactive console (REPL), so you can learn the usage without hassle.

  2. sforce:


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