Is there a way to instantiate an SObject?

I have done the following:

Id objId = 'a0Ci000000vd7xA';            
String objName = ((Id)objId).getSobjectType().getDescribe().getName();

Type t = Type.forName(objName); //object name
Sobject  myObj =  (Sobject)t.newInstance();

myObj.emp_name__c = 'test';

Field expression not allowed for generic SObject


You don't need to go through the complicated method you went through to get the new record. The following works just as well:

Id objId = 'a0Ci000000vd7xA';
SObject record = objId.getSObjectType().newSObject(objId);

This approach also has the advantage that it also works even if someone does something silly like creating a class called "Account" and you try to instantiate an Account record.

If you want to use the static methods, you have to first cast to a concrete type:

CustomObject__c record = (CustomObject__c)objId.getSObjectType().newSObject(objId);

However, if you want to use the object generically, you use the get/put SObject methods:

record.put('Name','New Name Value');
  • I will be dealing with sObject meaning that I cann't have hard code any object name, if i have something like this then getting the same error that i have posted above, so here is what i'm trying to do instead of hard-coding i'm getting the value by running soql in results var and assigning to it record.put('Name', results.name); – Nick Kahn Mar 23 '17 at 20:32
  • @NickKahn You can use the get method to get a field's value dynamically as well. – sfdcfox Mar 23 '17 at 20:33

If you want to put values into fields, you can use the generic put methods:

SObject record = Id.valueOf('a0Ci000000vd7xA').getSObjectType.newSObject();
record.put('emp_name__c', 'test');

Or you can also use a SObjectField:

record.put(SomeObject__c.SomeField__c, 'Some Value');
  • Would be worth getting the Id and then passing it to the newSObject() call. – zgc7009 Mar 23 '17 at 20:18

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