I'm facing a wierd UI issue when I use-

<a href="www.someLink.com" onclick="c.controllerFunction" data-attriVal="abc">
        <img src="resource/image.PNG"/>

In my lightning controller, after image click I'm not able to get the attriVal by using- Event.target.getAttribute('data-aatriVal');

But the same I'm getting when I replace the tag with some text value-

<a href="www.someLink.com" onclick="c.controllerFunction" data-attriVal="abc">

Please help!


Due to event bubbling, when you click on the img tag anchor tag's onclick event is being fired. As a result,

event.target => points to the element where the click originated which is the <img/>. So doing event.target.getAttribute("data-attriVal") will return null

event.currentTarget => points to the element which registered and called the click event's function (i.e <a />). So doing event.currentTarget.getAttribute("data-attriVal") will return abc

Look at this fiddle.

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