I have created a dynamic content block, which is meant to be added to our email template. It is a top banner, which should only be shown if a customer have made updates to their basket within the last 5 days.

I'm trying to render the content based on a DE where the @DateToday and @ShopCart is specified, but I can't seem to get the Dynamic content block to show in the emails.

I'm a totally newbie when it comes to AMPScript, so I would like to get some inputs to how to do this the best way.

  • Does the value of @ShopCart come from your sending Data Extension or another one? – Adam Spriggs Mar 23 '17 at 13:20
  • Sorry for my late response, but yes it does come from our sending DE – Trine Mar 27 '17 at 12:06

Assuming the "Customer Basket" DE contains SubscriberKey and a DateTime field, you could do something like this:

In HTML Content Block in Email:

VAR @rows,@lastdate,@today
SET @today = Now()
SET @rows = LookupOrderedRows("CustomerBasket",1,"BasketDate Desc","SubscriberKey",_SubscriberKey)
SET @lastdate = FIELD(ROW(@rows,1), "BasketDate")
IF DateDiff(@today,@lastdate, "D") < 6 THEN]%%
Show 5 Dynamic Content
Nothing to see here

Use LookupOrderedRows to find the latest interaction from a customer (ordered by date, decending).
Take the latest date, and use DateDiff to check if it is within 5 days from today.
If true, show content; else, show nothing.

You may need to check Local/System times, depending on your SFMC setup.
See: LocalDateToSystemDate and SystemDateToLocalDate

  • I tried using what you are suggesting, and I can get it to work when there is any sort of row count - not only abandon cart row count. But as soon as there is no row count at all I get this error message: An error occurred when attempting to evaluate a ContentAreaByName function call. Function Call: ContentAreaByName("my contents\Content Units\Abandon Cart\test topbanner") See inner exception for details. Invalid index (parameter 2) passed to Row function. Index must be less than or equal to the row count. Index Value: 1 Row Count: 0 Function: ROW(@rows,1) – Trine Mar 27 '17 at 12:08

Okay, I solved the issue with row count, as mentioned in a comment to Cameron. But I have encountered a new issue - It is not taking the latest date and looking max 5 days back, instead it just look after any date from UserLastUpdated. I have a feeling the issues lays within @lastdate, but I am not sure why.


You need to have a if else condition on row count. If row count is 0 then you can show the default content and if its greater than 0 then you can have nested if else conditions and show the dynamic content accordingly.

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