I was practicing for Sales Cloud and came across the following dummy question:

Joe is the record owner of a Lead. A Lead sharing rule has been defined so that leads owned by Joe are shared with public group called ‘Joe’s Team’.When the Lead is converted to an Account, Contact, and Opportunity, who will have access to these records assuming that a private sharing model in place on these objects and there are no sharing rules defined for these objects?

a. Joe, all members of the public group, Joe’s Team, and anyone above any group member in the role hierarchy will be able to access the three records.

b. Joe and anyone above him in the role hierarchy will be able to access the three records

c. Joe, all members of the public group, and Joe’s Team will be able to access the three records

d. Joe will be the only person who will be able to access the Account, Contact, and opportunity records.

Now, according to my understanding members of the public group would not have access to the Account Contact and Opportunity records so a and c is discarded.

Option b is applicable only when sharing using role hierarchy checkbox is checked - which is not mentioned in the question at all.

So, I think the answer should be option d.

Can anyone please validate if my thought process is correct or if there is anything else that I need to consider


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You can't currently disable Grant Access Using Hierarchy for standard objects, so the correct answer is "b." If, at some point in the future, this changes, then "d" would become a possibility, but the question would require that that it explicitly calls out if Grant Access Using Hierarchies is enabled or not.

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