I would like to send an email every week to the new subscribers to my newsletter.

I want to use an automation and I am a bit lost between "data filter", "data filtered extension" and "filter".

What I have done so far :

In the step 1 of my automation, I have put an SQL query which update a data extension with all the newsletter subscribers.

What I want to do next :

In step 2, I want to filter on the newly subscribers AND to exclude those who might have already received the email.

To do so, I want to use a filter. But I want to be able to see somewhere (in a data extension) how many people will receive the email.

Can you help me, please ? Thank you for your help.

  • Laura, welcome to SFSE. I encourage you to check the How to Ask article. Here, most of us prefer that you show what you've done and where you got stuck. In general, questions that ask people to "do it for me" don't get a lot of answers... though you never know. Mar 21 '17 at 16:49

Try this:

  1. Add a new column in the data extension that will act as a flag. (eg IsNewCustomer). Set the default value to be equal to True.
  2. In the body of your email, Use the UpdateDE Ampscript function to update the value of this data extension to "False".
  3. Create a filter interaction that picks off customers for which this column is true. This filter should be refreshed via an automation.
  4. Send to these customers.

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