If I return an object with a currency field, and I'm returning it from a controller. If I use an <apex:inputField>, the number is correctly formatted as 1,234.56.

However, if I use an <apex:inputHidden>, then the number will be returned as 1234.56 (without a thousand separator). I'd like to use that number to determine the current decimal separator dynamically (Javascript is used to perform some calculations).

Can I force the <apex:inputHidden> to format the number? Alternatively, how can I determine the current user's local settings for number separators in a controller? UserInfo.getLocale will get the locale. Is there an equivalent of DecimalFormat for Apex?

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Instead of using apex:inputHidden, why don't you just use <span style="display: none"><apex:outputField id="someId" value="{!someRecord.CurrencyField__c}"/></span>? This way, the user won't see it, but you'll still get your formatting preferences.

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