Pardot allows you to add campaign and customize your page view scoring. However, I need to add the Pardot tracker a website. I worked with different platforms before such as Marketo, they give you one that you can generate through the admin. How can I generate Pardot web tracker?,


Pardot generates new tracking code for each campaign that is setup in the tool. Pardot has the concept of 'source campaign' so a prospect will always be associated to the first campaign they interact with. If the tracking code is a prospects first interaction, it will be that campaign they are associated with.


All you need to do is follow the Pardot documentation on this:


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Campaigns.
  2. Click on the name of the campaign whose tracking you'd like to include on your website. The default is Website Tracking campaign.
  3. Once the campaign's main screen appears, click on the View tracking code link.
  4. Copy and paste the generated JavaScript code right before the close body tag on your HTML pages. The close body tag will be located within a few lines of the end of the HTML page.

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