Can we schedule monthly emails only once, which would run on the last day or first day of the month and send out an email to a list if employees in Pardot. Also, based upon opening up of the email and clicking on the link(landing page link) can we reschedule the email after every two days if the form in the landing page was not submitted?


Since my previous answer, it is now possible to schedule regular emails. 2 options:

  1. Repeat Automation Rule-> where the prospects that meet the criteria receive the email as the action
  2. Repeat Engagement Studio -> where the prospects that are on the entry list are re-eligible for reassessment the programme as they exit.

Pardot: June 29, 2017

Pardot Automation Rules now have ‘repeat’ functionality. This new feature allows the User to determine if an Automation Rule should be allowed to match a prospect more than once.

Source: Automation Rule Repeat Functionality

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