I checked the above and try to find out the custom object is linked with any package.

It is getting all custom objects including managed package objects. How can I avoid(filter) managed package objects.

Is there any way to find out the name is not linked with any package ?

salesVision__Key__c - installed package object


Its not available that easily and I didn't find anything in describe result.

Salesforce doesn't allow us to add a double underscore to API name, but appends __c at end. Only way for an object to have a double underscore is if from a managed package, because salesforce prepends NameSpace__ to object API name.

By this information, we know that a custom object API with single __ is custom object from org, and with two __'s is from package.

Let the action begin, I have used countMatches string function to identify ic object is from package or not. Apex psuedo code is as follows:

for(Schema.SObjectType fieldDescribe: Schema.getGlobalDescribe().Values()) {
    String apiName = fieldDescribe.getDescribe().getName();
    if(fieldDescribe.getDescribe().isCustom()) {
        if(apiName.countMatches('__') > 1) {
            // its a custom object from package
            System.debug('Packaged object name: ' + apiName);
        } else {
            // its a custom object from package
            System.debug('Non-Packaged/Orgs object name: ' + apiName);
    } else {
        // its a standard object
            System.debug('Standard object name: ' + apiName);

I got this regex pattern from forum and figure out the way.

//Code start
Integer objectCount = 0; 
Integer customSettingCount = 0;
//Regex to filter managed package objects
Pattern regEx = Pattern.compile('^\\w*?__\\B\\w*__');
for ( Schema.SObjectType o : Schema.getGlobalDescribe().values() )
    Schema.DescribeSObjectResult objResult = o.getDescribe();
    Matcher filter = regEx.matcher(objResult.getLocalName().toLowerCase());

    if(objResult.isCustom() && filter.find() == false)
    if(objResult.isCustomSetting() && filter.find() == false)
System.debug('Total custom object :'+ objectCount);
System.debug('Total custom Setting :'+ customSettingCount);

//Code End
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