As part of a larger release, many existing docusign templates had to be re-created/re-mapped to a new custom object. I copied templates and added custom tag 'shells' in advance of the fields being available in the salesforce org - with anticipation that I could simply modify the tags to add the 'relate to salesforce' and that would be that.

I have updated all the tags with the SF merge fields, but on the templates, the custom tags are still showing as the 'shell' tags that are not related.

If I re-add the tag within the document editing screen, it displays as the 'data' tab with merge field properties displayed, but the tags that are existing on the document itself do not have merge field properties.

Tried downloading/re-uploading a template to see if that synced them, but alas - no luck.

Obviously I can take several hours and reconfigure about 40 different templates, but I don't understand why if I have updated the tags that they wouldn't apply to the existing templates where the tags are used. Unable to find any documentation within DocuSign support that would help explain.



  • Sometimes explaining with pictures will be good so that people can understand and could able to guide you, otherwise for me atleast it can be marked as unclear what you are asking. – Santanu Boral Mar 11 '17 at 17:31

I am also looking for answers to - if updating/deleting custom tags will impact existing templates. Through testing, turns out it doesn't affect existing templates.

Here is a link about Custom Tag in DocuSign website. Note the below wordings:

Custom Tags are customized fields that you can create and use in future envelopes. These fields can also be shared with other users in your DocuSign account.

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