The Documentation says that Salesforce Data extension is visible if the "Enhanced Subscriber features" is turned On. But it does not say what is "Enhanced Subscriber feature". What are the pros and cons of using both the data extensions?

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A Salesforce Data Extension is used only when you are Integrating with a Salesforce Org. You can pull data from a Salesforce object (Using Import Activity) and store in a Salesforce DE.

You cannot create a Salesforce DE just like you create a standard DE. To use a Salesforce DE, you'll have to copy its data to a standard DE using a Query Activity.
Hope it helps .

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    One additional comment, is that it doesn't really make a difference in the system whether or not the DE is a salesforce data extension or not. What's important is the folder in which the data extension is stored (for tracking purposes) – Kenneth Wagner Mar 14 '17 at 8:46

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