I wanted to understand the difference between permission sets and permission set licences. The text in the documentation is very generic and I was looking for examples. (I finally got it )
I my oldest dev org created in 2013 I have only the Orders Platform perm set licence. In the org created in July 2016 I have a few more. However I can't find any of the ones mentioned here permission set licenses. This left me baffled because

  1. I can't see the CRM, sales and service user permission set licences - I have access to these bunch:

    • Sales Console User
    • Orders Platform
    • Identity Connect
    • Analytics Cloud xxx

Are they not available in dev orgs? Why the new permission licences types didn't get allocated in my old org just like in the newer one.

  1. I don't understand the difference (the need for) Service user permission set licence and the Service Cloud User feature licence.

has anybody got thoughts on this he would like to share?

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Seems clear from the posted documentation link that development orgs aren't included.

enter image description here

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