is it possible to query a publication list but pull data only for members that exist on a specific data extension? The data I need exists in the publication list (created date and status), but I only want the data for members of a specific data extension, not the entire publication list. This is what I started with, but it's not limiting it to the data extension members. I know I need to add something that tells it I only want those that exist in the data extension, but I don't know how to do that:

FROM ent._ListSubscribers L
left join ENT."data extension name" S on L.EmailAddress = S.Email_Address
where l.ListID   =  List ID Number

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You'd need to start with your Data Extension and use an inner join back to _ListSubscribers:

, l.emailaddress
, l.listid
, l.status
from ent.DataextEnsionName s
inner join ent._listsubscribers l on (l.emailaddress = s.email_address)
where l.listid = 12345

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