The custom formula field that I created has disappeared from my page layout. All of the field security settings have been ticked, the right profiles are being used... I can't figure it out.

Image 1: shows the page layout when I'm in 'setup' -> 'create' -> 'Objects' -> 'Health Scores'('HS' is my custom object) -> 'page layouts'. As you can see the formula scores are there, but when I click into the account, see image 2.

Image 2: Is when I'm on the account and clicking into the 'Health Score' object. The fields disappear... does anyone have any explanation?

Image 1

Image 2

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Formula fields will be visible in the detail page after saving the record.
In case of Edit mode those are not visible.


Formula fields do not appear on edit screens unless in LEX. See also:

Formula fields should show on new/edit page

Latest Comment from Salesforce

This idea will be delivered in Spring '16 in the new Lightning Experience. On a broader level, we have taken steps to unify the fields a user sees in normal Detail Pages and New/Edit pages so that formula fields, summary rollups, embedded Visualforce and Custom Links (on Accounts, Contacts, Leads) will be visible on New/Edit pages for a user's reference.

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