Basically, I want to insert a billing line (for the tax) on my billing after inserting the billing (if there exists a tax rate on the account). Simple, however the calculation for this billing line depends on the total amount on billing (AcctSeed__Total__c).

Since the total is a roll up summary field, it is not updated (so the amount=0). How can I use trigger to achieve this? Can this be done using trigger.old? Will the roll up summary field be updated in trigger.old after insert trigger?

I know one approach is to up use AGGREGATE RESULT on my billing lines to get that total, but is there another way?

trigger CreateTaxLine on AcctSeed__Billing__c (after insert) {

List <id> bids= new List <id>();
List <AcctSeed__Billing_Line__c> blcs= new List<AcctSeed__Billing_Line__c> ();
for (AcctSeed__Billing__c b: Trigger.new) {
// SOQL TO get billings with tax 
  List <AcctSeed__Billing__c> bls = [Select a.AcctSeed__Total__c,a.AcctSeed__Date__c, a.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Tax_Rate__c,a.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Rate__c, a.AcctSeed__Customer__c,
                                     a.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Tax_Rate__r.Id, a.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Tax_Rate__r.AcctSeed__Revenue_GL_Account__c
                                     From AcctSeed__Billing__c a 
                                     where a.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Tax_Rate__c!=null AND id=:bids  ];
   //New billing line for the billings that should have a tax item. 
    for (AcctSeed__Billing__c bl: bls){
        if(bl.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Rate__c!=null && bl.AcctSeed__Total__c!=null)
            system.debug('********** TAX RATE'+bl.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Rate__c);
            AcctSeed__Billing_Line__c blc= new AcctSeed__Billing_Line__c ();
                blc.AcctSeed__Billing__c= bl.Id;
                blc.AcctSeed__Hours_Units__c= 1;
            blc.AcctSeed__Rate__c= (bl.AcctSeed__Total__c)*(bl.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Rate__c);
               blc.AcctSeed__Product__c= bl.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Tax_Rate__r.Id;
               blc.AcctSeed__Revenue_GL_Account__c= bl.AcctSeed__Customer__r.Account_Tax__r.AcctSeed__Tax_Rate__r.AcctSeed__Revenue_GL_Account__c;
            blc.AcctSeed__Date__c= bl.AcctSeed__Date__c;



    //insert the billing lines
    insert (blcs);

I got this to work....the workaround was to have a conditional if statement... so before the roll-up field is populated (after the record is saved), it has a default value (0 in my case), so to prevent an infinite loop of (after update), I placed this condition: Trigger.oldmap.get(bls.id).AcctSeed__Total__c==0

Since total__c is my roll-up field for billing and after the record gets saved, its old value ==0, but after the second iteration of trigger, the old value gets updated, thus preventing an infinite self referential trigger. Cheers ! :)

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  • Just hope that no one creates a billing for a "zero" amount..lol. – Sammy7 Mar 9 '17 at 15:48

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